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About Our Group

GROUP ANNOUNCES BID FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA PERMIT When the State of Hawaii accepts medical marijuana permit applications on January 2016 expect candidates to include rock stars, former politicians, major land holders and even major land trusts, according to news leaks.

But, “our well rounded, local, grassroots group of Hawaii farmers, Hawaiian naturopaths, University of Hawaii bioengineering researchers and a Hawaiian business enterprise that represents Hawaii's medical and farming industry, has the specialized mix of professionals to gain a permit,” announces Dr Ryan Ferchoff, founder of Medical Medicinals, LLC, Hawaii, along with Steven Bronstein, a career business strategist and leader.

Bronstein has represented some of Hawaii's largest medical groups, educators and local businesses for more than 15 years. Notably, he served as an officer, director and founder of Cushman & Wakefield's retail division, the world's largest private commercial real estate firm, then owned by the Rockefellers, in the years before relocating to Hawaii in 1999.

The group includes: Dr. Ryan Ferchoff, an integrative and naturopathic medicine pioneer and founder of the Natural Wellness Center, Manoa, Hawaii. His office with a team of doctors has treated and worked with medical doctors to sign up patients under the State's current patient marijuana program for the past ten years.

Dr. Harry Ako a University of Hawaii professor of molecular biosciences with 40 years of teaching and research. He has been the lead researcher at the UH of the legally sanctioned and successful growing of industrial hemp in Hawaii for the first time in about 15 years. He has relearned commercial cultivation practices of Cannabis and is now of national stature in the field as judged by the latest conferences. He shares with Dr. Ferchoff a desire to research Cannabis strains most suitable for various therapies and to move Cannabis therapy to a higher level.

Simon Russell is the owner of Hui ‘O Mālama ‘Āina, Makawao,a Hawaii agricultural consulting company. Russell is a farmer and grower who works with farmers, landowners and regulators to promote commercial, organic and sustainable agriculture.

Shauna McHugh, a medical marijuana caregiver and grower in Oregon for 10 years, and part of the Dr. Ako-UH hemp growing team in Hawaii, sharing her knowledge of the best conditions and organic products to cultivate quality medicine to medical marijuana patients.

Alan Yashimoto, also part of Dr. Ako's UH hemp growing team, with deep experience growing industrial hemp crops from germinating to transplanting, watering, weeding and harvesting.

Robyn Smith, a Hawaii resident and an injured Afghanistan combat U.S. veteran, has contributed extensively in the research of hemp and appeared before special legislative committees representing Dr. Ako in the education and legalization of industrial hemp.

Medical Medicinals, LLC. is creating and sponsoring a not-for-profit foundation in conjunction with Hawaii Farmers United Foundation for the purpose of assisting financially the acquisition of agricultural farm land by farmers in order to expand farming in Hawaii and to compensate farmers and their families with an acceptable living wage.

Wishing you well and hoping to serve you and your medical needs in 2016,
Medicinal Staff