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Science and Cannabis - Together!

Science and Cannabis - Together! The principles of science apply everywhere — on a space station and in a submarine, on Mars and on pluto, to plants and animals. What makes an tree grow? Why does an orange smell tangy?

We know very, very little about Cannabis. Now, legalization is opening up research opportunities for those of us who are scientists living in Hawaii.

We can study plants called AK-47 and Durban Poison, but we use scientific language and scientific methodologies. The DNA extracted from Cannabis is sequenced using specialized equipment, then we use that information to establish differences between strains; we determine whether its current classification corresponds to its DNA; we make hypotheses about it; and we test these hypothesis using high technology and scientific methodology which includes rigorous control and experimental groups.

Cannabis, for all the controversy surrounding it, is really just another naturally-occurring flowering plant, like roses or marigolds. Flowering plants are found in the group Angiosperms, the “newest” clade of plants, appearing in the world approximately 150 million years ago (1, 2). Cannabis is not a human-made drug like Prozac or Crestor, it is a living organism evolving through natural processes and forces such as natural selection, changing its DNA (its genotype), which changes the way its physical properties and the way it looks (its phenotype), as a response to stimuli and environmental conditions.

CGRI, in collaboration with the non-profit organization the Agricultural Genomics Foundation (AGF), are asking ourselves the most basic scientific questions about this plant: how many species in the Cannabis genus are there? How much genetic variation is there in the Cannabis populations? How and why does it produce the compounds (THC, CBD, terpenoids) that it produces?

Please stay in touch for more cool scientific and educational Cannabis facts, and to watch our research expand.

Wishing you well and hoping to serve you and your medical needs in 2016,
Medicinal Staff