Medical Medicinals

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    Welcome to Medical Medicinals
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    Oahu's Premeire Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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    Medical Use Only - Valid Card Holders
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    Locally Grown and Lab Tested for Purity
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    Pure Medicinals
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    Pure Medicinals
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    Each Product is Tagged and Tracked
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    No Pesticides - Grown with Organic Standards
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    Full Line of Medicinals
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    Expert Help and Private Consultations Available


What Careers and Job will be offered! We will have more information in the coming months with job opportunities. Please check back with us as we grow.

Upcoming positions Growers There'd be no cannabis industry without growers. Many of today's growers are college graduates in botany or horticulture or people with years of growing experience. They maximize plant yield and potency while fighting off pests and mold.

Budtenders Storefront medical cannabis dispensaries employ highly trained "budtenders" who help recommend the right cannabis strain to fit a patient's needs. They help people navigate the sometimes dizzying variety of available buds, edibles and tinctures.

Dispensary operators Storefront cannabis dispensaries require owners and operators with the entrepreneurial sense to manage not only their suppliers, growers and employees, but to make sure their businesses operate within the limits of ever-changing local regulations.

Security guards Given the large amounts of cash and cannabis kept on hand, dispensaries are sometimes targeted for robberies. Dispensaries hire security guards to make sure nothing bad goes down.

Dispensary administrators Like any business that employs dozens of people, the larger dispensaries need staff to process payroll and benefits, pay business taxes, manage hiring and supervise. Dispensary operators may need an assistant to handle scheduling and travel.

Delivery drivers Some cannabis patients, like those who are wheelchair-bound, may have difficulty making it to a dispensary or grower. Drivers work independently or with storefront dispensaries to deliver cannabis to such patients.

Lab techs As the cannabis industry matures, patients are becoming more concerned with the safety and potency of their medication. A handful of labs are springing up to test buds and edibles for their THC and CBD levels and to make sure they're pesticide-free. The labs are run by university-educated scientists using the same high-powered testing equipment as pharmaceutical companies.

Marketing specialists Like any business, cannabis dispensaries need ad campaigns and marketing plans to reach their patients. Marketing gurus help place ads in papers, and manage social networks.

MM Dispensary Consultation Room: Medical Medicinals Dispensary is currently accepting applicants for open positions at our Honolulu dispensary.
Positions include:
Receptionist / Patient Intake Specialist
Dispensing Staff
Community Outreach Coordinator If you are passionate about assisting patients and providing safe access please submit your information via our contact form, or email.