Medical Medicinals

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    Welcome to Medical Medicinals
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    Oahu's Premeire Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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    Medical Use Only - Valid Card Holders
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    Locally Grown and Lab Tested for Purity
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    Pure Medicinals
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    Pure Medicinals
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    Each Product is Tagged and Tracked
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    No Pesticides - Grown with Organic Standards
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    Full Line of Medicinals
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    Expert Help and Private Consultations Available

Our Mission

Safe Access to High Quality Medical Cannabis Allowing Consistent Dosing and Maximum Relief.

Dispensary Waiting Room: It is our mission and greatest asset to provide one-on-one interactions with our patients by employing professionally trained and knowledgeable staff, in a much-needed personal and compassionate manner, with the goal of helping patients to reach a better quality of life. As such, Medical Medicinals is dedicated to providing its patients with:

A welcoming, safe, and professional center that will be a reliable and trusted provider of quality medicinal cannabis and related services;

A well-managed and transparent business model that will operate in close cooperation with the Hawaii Department of Health, Financial and Professional Regulation, State and local authorities, and the local community;

An ongoing education and outreach program relating to medical cannabis for the benefit of member patients;

Connections to cooperative research programs with medical and university groups to expand the understanding of the benefits, risks and most effective ways of utilizing medical cannabis in a compassionate care setting; and

A facility that seeks to serve our community, both patients and non-patients alike, through charitable community events and services.

Medical Medicinals believes and invests in:

High Quality Products – providing safe, high-quality medicinal products subject to careful processing and, where feasible, testing by an independent laboratory

Compassion – serving our patients professionally with sensitivity to their needs in a clean environment where they feel safe and secure

Responsiveness – immediacy in our dealings with patients, employees, and the community

Transparency – open access to financial data that is regularly audited by an independent accounting firm

Community Service – conducting varied and ongoing outreach activities to serve the needs of patients and others in our community

Wishing you well and hoping to serve you and your medical needs in 2016,
Medicinal Staff