Proper Medical Cannabis Storage

Storing Medical Cannabis Proper Storage of Medical Cannabis is an absolute must to maintain potency.

The freshness and potency of your medical cannabis will rely on four important items:

Handling: Too much handling of medical cannabis will cause trichomes to fall off, minimize handling only to time of consumption

Light: Trichomes can be destroyed by light, store your medical cannabis in a dark place

Air: Medical cannabis will dry out when exposed to air

Heat and Moisture: Heat will dry out medical cannabis and moisture will promote bacteria growth which can be dangerous.

One of the best storage methods for medical cannabis is an airtight mason jar with a good seal. If you do not have access to a jar and must use a bag the best suggestion is to put medical cannabis in a brown paper bag and then in a plastic bag. It is also helpful to remove as much air as possible.

Store your medical cannabis jar in a cool dark place. Medical cannabis can be stored in the refrigerator but the freezer is not recommended. The freezer will actually freeze your medical cannabis and make the trichomes fragile thus making it easier for them to fall off.

Another suggestion is to create both short and long term storage containers for your medical cannabis. Separate your typical daily supply from your long term supply.

Just remember that your medical cannabis was grown with intimate care to maximize trichomes and potency. Always keep in mind that handling, light, air exposure, and heat pose a threat to potency of medical cannabis.

Wishing you well and hoping to serve you and your medical needs in 2016,
Medicinal Staff